Folk – Byron Bay

After nearly 3 years in Australia we finally made it to Byron Bay, being in the Gold Coast means your a hop, skip and jump away from some of the most beautiful places in Australia.

We decided to take a day trip to Byron Bay, something we have wanted to do for ages. First decision was obviously where do we have breakfast!?

There were so many places we read up on but ultimately decided on Folk. Situated just off the main road before you hit Byron Bay centre (if you are coming from Gold Coast).

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 2.10.45 pm

Folk is a organic / ethical / plant based cafe with an awesome vibe, and the food is to die for. A small menu but cooked fresh and to perfection, I always prefer a smaller option means it doesn’t take me an hour to finally choose something!

I opted for Smashed Avocado with poached eggs, Kieran chose the same, we both love Smashed Avo!

Now Australia really knows how to to do Smashed Avo, but Folk they seem to make it even better than it already is; from taste to presentation.


As for the coffee I kind of knew just from hearing about Byron Bay that they would do great coffee!

The atmosphere of Folk was calm, cosy, it felt comfortable from the moment we walked in. It had a great outdoor space with a really bohemian feel, it isn’t big which makes it feel more intimate.

Folk was a great way to start our amazing day in Byron.

Jaz x



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