Plaza de España, Seville

You can’t go to Seville and not visit Plaza de Espana!

Situated in the heart of Seville it is rather easy to find. Seville is small anyway so you’ll probably stumble across it whilst wandering around!

If you have been to Spain before you’ll know that the architecture is a big part of what makes Spain so beautiful and unique.

The history it holds is not just exciting but visually stunning to. This is one of the main reasons I loved visiting the Plaza here in Seville. It gives you a feeling of being somewhere truly magical.

Whether you’re just passing through the Plaza or you want to make a day (which you definitely can) you won’t be disappointed. There is plenty to see walking around the gardens, then you can go and relax reading your book, or take a boat and row slowly around the plaza; it is just a spectacular place to be in ore of.

As all popular places like this, I would head there earlier in the day to beat the crowds.

Really is worth a visit!

Jaz x



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