Jungle Fish – Ubud

Sometimes Ubud can get quite hectic. In the hustle and bustle sometimes you just want to step back and relax, you’re on holiday remember!

We found Jungle Fish through Instagram. I know occasionally things on social media look better than they actually are in person, however this place was exactly how it seemed on instagram!

We did our research before going and from the reviews and photos decided visiting Jungle Fish was a must do. We had been in Bali almost a month travelling around on a scooter and really wanted just a day to ourselves to chill, so got up early one morning and drove. We had GPS on our phone which meant it was easier to get there. If you don’t have GPS it isn’t too hard to find your way from Ubud Centre.

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 5.41.12 pm.png

Few things you need to know before going –

  • There are only a certain number of loungers by the pool which are available to rent for the public, so make sure you get there early to ensure you get one. There are chairs in the restaurant area but if you are planning to spend the day you’d want a lounger around the pool. Normally by 10am it is full.
  • They serve food all day, it is on the more expensive side, so if you don’t want to spend much have breakfast before you go. That way you only buy lunch there, and the food is really good. You can’t bring food or drink in from outside.
  • The entrance fee does not guarantee you a lounger, it is first come first serve with the sitting.

Entrance fee was – 150,000 IDR (includes 1 person and 1 towel)

Kids fee – 75,000 (1 child and 1 towel)

Kids under 6 – Free

I would check the website before going just in case the prices change.

They also have massages and spa treatments. I didn’t have any but have heard good things about them.

I do think it is definitely somewhere you’d want to go if you are visiting Ubud. This place gives you a feel of relaxation and serenity, it is awesome that they allow the public in for the day.

Enjoy, Jaz x

Edited 2_IMG_4033.jpg



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